To contribute to a better world, we are driven by the firm belief that art gives us the privilege of a lifetime, becoming who we are.

Celebrating art and Psy Trance by promoting self-expression and freedom in natural landscapes: this is the energy that drove us in our journey, leading us to the creation of Shankra Festival 2015 in Lostallo.

Over the years, we have been welcoming individuals with kindred values, who became supporters and friends. Shankra Festival is a process of mutual fuelling of ideas, actions, and emotions.

Our vision is to involve more and more people in this collective movement, building new chances to meet ourselves through an idea, an artistic expression, or simply through others. A dream that we want to share globally, beyond any physical distance and any social or cultural difference.

We believe that this motion keeps resonating with all of us: everywhere in the world, each day of our lives.

Shankra Festival