Sri Lanka

Discover the beauty of Shankra Festival 2024 in Sri Lanka: located in the wild vegetation, be prepared to be amazed by pristine landscapes, mesmerising beaches, ancient heritage and culture. Be part of our international gathering and start this seven-day adventure into psychedelic trance music, discovering exciting sounds, enriching activities, and local traditions.

Shankra Sri Lanka postponed to 2024
Jan 2, 2023 | Shankra Sri Lanka

Dear Shankra Family,

It’s with deep regret and sorrow that we have to postpone our Sri Lankan edition to February 2024. The current political situation in the Island is not favorable for organizing an event of our scale.

All ticket holders of Shankra Sri Lanka 2022/2023 will be granted access to Shankra Sri Lanka 2024, which will host the same artistic value as we were planning to offer this year.

Optionally, if you wish to participate in Switzerland 2023 instead of Sri Lanka 2024, you can transfer your ticket accordingly.

If neither of the above proposals suits your plan, you are eligible for a complete refund.

For Ticket Rename please use the following link:

For Ticket transfer for Switzerland 2023, please use the following link:

To get a complete Refund of your Ticket, please use the following link:

Your Life is Your Message

Shankra Team


Shankra Festival 2024 will be located in Sri Lanka.


We begin a new journey, always driven by our love for music. Exploring the realms of Psychedelic Trance, you will have the chance to feel immersed in exciting sounds and musical experimentations.


We believe that every human being can contribute to the creation of something unique by expressing their talents, skills and knowledge. Connect with us by sharing your competences!

Children's Village

It would not be a connective experience without including one of the most important elements of our lives, family. Spend time with your children, surrounded by nature: cultivate with them a curious mindset, through the diverse activities organized in the Children's Village.


Inspiration is the primary source of action: we find something new that awakes our interest, that becomes enthusiasm and may change our daily routine. Get inspired with our program of workshops and activities: you will have the chance to learn new and exciting skills, training your body and feeding your soul.


Knowledge is the most precious value we can gain. Through knowledge, we can get in touch with deep meanings and unexpected connections that can change our perception of reality. Enrich your personal culture by following our program of lectures: a broad range of topics will be addressed, covering different areas of interest.

Live Painting

The most powerful way of creating is using our imagination. Sharing our visions with people is like selling plane tickets to our personal world: you will be able to travel through the artistic expressions of painters and creators, presented in a unique environment.

Healing Practices

Reconnecting with your body, touching inner spots and cleaning your spirit is sometimes a much-needed process that we tend to underestimate in our daily routine. At Shankra Festival, discover techniques to consciously work towards a deeper understanding of yourself, your spirit and the planet with the precious help of worldwide healers.


We can explore much about ourselves, through watching somebody else's interpretation of reality. Theatre is not just a show to enjoy, it is a journey inside human nature. Explore innovative point of views and discover the emotional approach of life through our theatre program.


Watching a movie can be a profound transformative experience: we observe, we learn, we feel and we come out with new ideas that modify our interaction with reality and people around us. Find new inspiration and get in touch with the work of visionary directors from around the world.


Expressing what we have inside is the engine that makes us create. At Shankra Festival we want to showcase diverse performances, from dance shows to theatre acts, fire performances and juggling exhibitions.
Shankra Festival