Parking Team

You will take care of the participants’ arrival at Shankra! The Parking teams' main tasks include checking the validity of parking tickets, guiding participants to their parking area, making sure that all safety parking measures are respected.

Production Team

You will contribute to bringing Shankra Festival to life! The main tasks of the construction team are build-up (and later, build down) functional structures in the festival, supporting the build-up procedures of the stages and fixing possible issues connected to them during the festival.

Kitchen Team

You will keep Shankra team of workers and volunteers well fed everyday! The Kitchen team main tasks are: preparing the communal area where the team eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, preparing and serve the breakfast, serving lunch & dinner that will be provided by a catering service every day, cleaning the communal area after every meal. During the festival, only breakfast will be served.

Info Point

You will be our participant’s source of information and safety net! The Info Point and Lost & Found team main tasks are: answering questions and doubts of participants about the festival, addressing requests and taking care of missing and found objects during the event.

Gate Team

You will be the welcoming smile of Shankra Festival! The Gate team main tasks are: welcoming participants in the valley, checking the validity of tickets, giving bracelets to participants, giving basic information about the festival.

Electricians Team

You will light up Shankra Festival! The Electricity team main tasks are: taking care and setting up basic electrical projects during the build-up and the event, addressing possible issues and implementations during the event.

Eco Team

You will preserve Shankra’s beautiful nature! The Eco Team main tasks are: keeping the festival area clean, handing out garbage bags and answering questions about the environment.

Children's Village

You will take care of the youngest participants at Shankra Festival! The Children’s Village team main tasks are: organizing and carrying out activities for kids aged below 11, with the supervision of their parents, taking care of the children’s area during its opening time.

Shankra Festival
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